Welcome to Rocket Fund

You know what your school wants. We’re here to help you make it happen.

We enable you to fundraise from anyone, wherever they are.

That means that Great Aunt Mable, who lives 100 miles away and can’t attend your school’s bake sale, can still support you! So too can the local plumber, hair salon, football club and your school’s alumni.

We’ve helped over 500 schools raise over £400,000. Benefitting 125,000 students.

We enable you to fundraise from anyone, wherever they are

Our mission

To make school out of this world.


We believe every child should have access to the best opportunities at school.

What we do 

We supercharge school fundraising.

How we help

• We enable schools to fundraise online - so they can receive donations from anyone, anywhere (from local businesses to Great Aunt Mable!)

• We provide tips & advice on how to reach a wider audience

• We have lots of extra funding available from our partners who want to help schools reach their goals

How Rocket Fund works

start crowdfunding

Choose what you want

Create a project to fundraise for something you want to buy for your school.

Get the word out

Launch your campaign

Share your project with with friends, parents, alumni, local businesses & the community. Shout it from the rooftops!

Get funded

Hit your target!

Buy your items & say thanks to your donors!

Extra funding

Want some extra funding to help reach your target? We’ve got that too! 

We work with a range of partners who are looking to support education and community projects.

See what Extra funding is available

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Ready to make your school out of this world?

Our story

Rocket Fund was founded in 2016, by Ben Gill whilst he was working at Nesta (the UK’s innovation foundation). He noticed that the biggest challenge facing schools was tight budgets. He also noticed, whilst visiting his old secondary school, that school fundraising hadn’t changed much in decades; there was no easy way for anyone to support his old school unless they had kids who went there. He decided to do something about it and created a dedicated crowdfunding platform for schools. The idea was to help schools expand their budgets by making it easier for them to fundraise from their wider community and easier for large donors to support schools at scale: Rocket Fund was born.

3 years later.... Rocket Fund has teamed up with Crowdfunder, the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform for social causes, to supercharge our mission!

Crowdfunder has helped thousands of people, businesses, social enterprises and charities across the UK to raise over £75 million. We love what they do and think that together we can help transform education.

Together we want to help you make school out of this world.

Our advisors

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Andrea Carr

Founder of Rising Stars

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Andy Kaplan

Former CFO of Donors Choose

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Nathan Elstub

Chief Investment Officer at Nesta

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Piers Linney

Former BBC Dragons’ Den investor

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Steve Green

Former VP Product at Funding Circle

Our supporters

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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, kindly supported the experimental development phase of this project

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Donors Choose

Original inspiration for Rocket Fund, have been incredibly helpful

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Incubated this project from day one and helped us to scale

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National Foundation for Educational Research, kindly seed funded this project


Rocket Fund was a great way to engage the parents and local community in raising funds for a tech project I was passionate about. We met our target really quickly. I'd definitely do it again!

- Ms. Galilee, Pearl Hyde Community Primary School

I recommend Rocket Fund to anybody looking to bring a new dimension to fundraising in their school. Their support was invaluable and I can't believe how quickly we managed to reach our goal!

- Ms. Williams, Cornist Park Primary School

Fab idea that allowed us to get some much needed tech into school at no cost to ourselves. Had improved engagement and outcomes for children and also acted as a great way to engage parents in the campaign.

- Ms. Stawman, Courtwood School

A very clever, easy tool to use. I never thought we could raise this much money!

- Ms. Yau, Grappenhall Heys Primary School

An amazingly simple way to fund new equipment for schools.

- Ms. Brown, Ladysmith Infant and Nursery School

Rocket Fund was a great way to involve parents in raising much needed money for Computing resources.

- Ms. Willemse, Great Chart School

It is an absolutely brilliant way to raise money for equipment that will make an invaluable contribution to your children's education!

- Ms. Whelan, Ardleigh Green Junior School

Easy to use, easy to work with and fabulous results. I have recommended it to many of my friends and colleagues at other schools.

- Ms. Read, Waterfoot Primary School

It's a great platform for schools to engage their local community and raise funds to buy products that they may not be able to otherwise.

- Mr. Ferry, St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School