Emergency Laptops for Home-Learning Appeal

Project by Communitas Education Trust in London, England, United Kingdom

Emergency Laptops for Home-Learning Appeal
We did it
On 26th February 2021 we successfully raised £2,850 ( + est. £496.25 Gift Aid ) with 33 supporters in 21 days

Our aim is to make remote learning possible for EVERY pupil of Childeric, Goose Green, John Donne and John Keats Primary Schools.

by Communitas Education Trust in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

It is very simple. The more support we gain, the more devices we will be able to provide for children who need them. We will also be able to help our families with internet access and data.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, our schools have been put under huge pressure; dealing with new restrictions, lockdown measures and remote learning. The schools have done an incredible job and can now provide live daily remote learning to pupils at home, as well as staying open for children of keyworkers and vulnerable pupils.

However, a number of our pupils do not have access to electronic devices with which to access their school work. Some of these children are coming to school but, worryingly, many others are not accessing any lessons at all, meaning that the divide between them and those continuing their education is ever-widening. 

The gap in learning is just one problem caused by this technology inequality. Other problems include mental health deterioration, reduction of school contact with vulnerable pupils and a lack of emotional support from teachers and peers.

Despite government promises, electronic devices are not readily available to primary schools, and we are relying on local donations and even charities such as Children in Need in some extreme cases.

Individual schools have appealed to their local community with varying success, so we have stepped in as a Trust to ask for donations: either of used laptops (which our IT team can wipe and make safe for pupil use) or financial donations via this campaign. 

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Money raised in this campaign will enable us to purchase laptops/chromebooks, internet gateway devices and data for pupils in need, across the 4 schools.

If you can help in any way, however small, we promise we will put your donation to good use. We're #InThisTogether

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