Extra funding for schools

Because Rocket Fund is  part of the Crowdfunder network, you may be able to access Extra funding from our partners 

How it works

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It’s simple! You add your project on Rocket Fund and our clever system will match you with any Extra funds relevant to your project.

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You can then choose to apply for the relevant funds by answering a few more questions about your great idea.

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If you’re eligible, and raise enough money from the crowd, one of our partners could boost the amount you raise with a large donation.

Start raising funds for your idea today

Available funds

If you want to find out more about a specific fund, simply click the fund's name.


Get up to £5,000 extra

For school Arts & Culture projects in South West England

Sport England

Get up to £5,000 extra

For projects enhancing the active spaces in their local community


Get up to £20,000 extra

Supporting projects that help improve the city and make it a great place to live, work and play.


Get up to £10,000 extra

Community-led youth projects

To see a full list of Extra Funding available visit Crowdfunder

Extra funding FAQs

Is my project eligible for extra funding? 

It might be… each fund has specific criteria (e.g. geographical location, school subject or target beneficiaries), please check them out above.

Do I have to crowdfund to get the extra funding? 

Yes. In order to access any of the funds above, you will have to raise a proportion of your target yourself. Check each fund’s criteria for the specific amount required. But don’t worry, you might enjoy it! Crowdfunding is still way easier than traditional grant applications and bake sales, and has loads of extra benefits (like community building and skills development for the students involved).