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Dorset Youth fund
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The Dorset Youth Fund is designed to provide young people with places to go and things to do, or to help them improve their community through social action.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

Dorset Council's youth fund will support local projects designed to give young people places to go and things to do, helping them to do good things within their communities.

What can you fund?

Campaigns launching as part of #CrowdfundDorset could be eligible for a contribution from Dorset Council of up to 50% your funding target. The fund is our way of supporting people who want to contribute to projects, and adding our weight to the Crowd.

Community groups must raise 25% of their target before they will be considered eligible for council funding.

Funding is now available to help groups set up community-led projects that:

  • Provide young people with places to go and things to do in their local area
  • Help them improve their community through social action – volunteering, campaigning or having a voice in local decisions

Dorset Council will decide whether to give money from the youth fund to crowdfunded projects based on how much they meet these aims and have public support.

Up to £10,000 for youth projects in Dorset

For projects that aim to create places to go and stuff to do for people aged 10 - 19 

Dorset Council has launched #CrowdfundDorset with a £200,000 Youth Fund for projects that aim to give young people in Dorset, aged between 10 and 19, places to go and stuff to do. 

Eligible projects could be from a parent teacher association (PTA), a club or community group. You could be a Girl Guide, Scout or school society. You could be a voluntary group who has an initiative that helps inspire or engage young people.

The fund is also to support projects run by young people who have a great idea.

Think your project is eligible?

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