Every Second Counts - Defibrillator for Montem

Project by Montem Primary School in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Every Second Counts - Defibrillator for Montem


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We are fundraising to enable us to buy a defibrillator for Montem Primary School, a portable life-saving device to help keep our pupils safe

by Montem Primary School in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Keeping our pupils safe is at the heart of all our endeavours at Montem Primary School. 

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can occur to anyone, at any time and at any age. Tragically, 12 young people die from cardiac arrest each week in the UK.

We are raising funds to both buy a defibrillator for Montem Primary and to train staff on its use to help keep our pupils, staff and the wider community safe. 

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable life-saving device that can give a casualty’s heart an electric shock when it has stopped beating normally in a sudden cardiac arrest. The chance of survival from a sudden cardiac arrest increases from 6% to over 74% when CPR and a defibrillator is used. 

We need to raise a total of £1,100 for the defibrillator and training.

Please support our crowdfunding campaign – donate now and help us buy a defibrillator for Montem Primary School.  

Every donation counts - all contributions, small or large, will make a big difference.

You can make a difference. Your donation could help save a life.

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page. 

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