The 4 'Cs' Curriculum

Project by Jen Alford in Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

The 4 'Cs' Curriculum
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Courageous, commited, compassionate learners have the best potential for bright futures and impact on our community and wider world.

by Jen Alford in Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

At Malvern Wells, every individual is known, loved, cared for and celebrated as part of our community.


It is our absolute intent to nurture potential for the brightest futures for all. Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our classrooms, pursuing excellence in all we do. 


We want to be ambitious and courageous learners, consistently reflecting and constantly improving. We believe that making mistakes is integral to growth, so we nurture the curiosity to learn with the freedom to fail, and the passion to make a difference.


In order to develop these core values, we want to design, develop, promote and embed a curriculum that embodies them . We want to exemplify and demonstrate the courage, compassion and commitment of others to inspire and motivate our learners into brighter futures.

The aim of this project is to nurture the potential for the BRIGHTEST futures. We will do this by:-

1. Commitment to our community 

We want our children to have a deep and real understanding of real life in modern Britain. We will develop a community group who will work with an experienced teacher to develop links with our direct community. We will set up, run and develop a cafe that works weekly to serve the community as well as working with the local toddler groups and care home. The aim of these partnerships is for our children to share their kindess beyond our walls and pursue courage as they work in unknown settings.


2. Courageous Advocacy to our nation and world through our curriculum

Our curriculum is designed so children delve deeply into knowledge and answer thought provoking questions within a range of subject areas. However, we want the children to use their knowledge to make a difference in their world.

Therefore, we plan to exemplify opportunities, within our curriculum, for our children to respond to what they learn and make courageous decisions to make an impact for others. We want to develop a set of resources and links with organisations that enable us to do so

For example, our children have been learning about the impact of the increasing cost of living on their own families, our community and our nation. With funding for adult support and high quality resources, we would like to run a project where the children can work alongside the local church and local charities to support our community, developing courage. We than aspire to build connections across the globae, amking awareness of what it is like to live in other and endeavouring to courageously make an impact into lives of others


3. Role models of courage, compassion, commitment and community

We want our children to be inspired and motivated to have the brightest future. We recognise that our small school needs to provide a window into modern Britain, beyond what they see here in Malvern and into the beautiful diversity it holds. Therefore, we want to invest in inviting and working with a plethora of inspirational indiviudals (authors, artsist, musicians, athletes, chef's, bankers etc) that can inspire and motivate our children in their pursuit of the brightest future.

4. Computing

We recongise our children are growing up in a culturally, socially, technologically and ecologically diverse world and its our priority to prepare them for their brightest future within it. We need to develop our ICT provision in order to do so.

We are in need of:-

Improved CTouch screens in classrooms and in communal learning spaces

IPads for research, coding, word processing and assessment of their learning

Headphones for audible books and learning

Translation tools for newly arrived children

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