How to setup a prize draw

Find a prize for your draw

Find a prize(s)

Make the main prize as special as you can. Or gather lots of prizes, e.g. gift hampers, student artwork, tickets to an event etc.

Set up your project with your prize draw

Create your project

Create a fundraising page on Rocketfund, make it clear what you're raising money for and set your rewards as entries to the draw.

Go live with your prize draw

Go live!

Send everyone the link to your prize draw page. Ask them to enter and share! You might be surprised by how much you raise.

Choose a winner!

Pick a winner

Choose a winner (or winners) from your list of donors and notify them that they've won! Then dispatch your prize to the lucky entrant(s).

Important note: To stay legal, you need to clearly offer your supporters a way to enter the competition for free. The best way to do this is to provide an address to send their competition entries if they want to enter offline. 

Success Stories

Beaconsfield High School raised over £12,000

Prize draws can be hugely successful, as we saw when Beaconsfield High School ran a prize draw to raise funds so they could buy outdoor seating for their students. They've raised over £12,000 (and counting!) so the girls will no longer have to sit on the cold, wet ground in the winter.

The prizes were three luxury Fortnum & Mason hampers, packed to the brim with food and drink, with entries at £10 each.

Prize draw raised over £120,000 for 1 guitar


Total raised

Total projects


Total supporters

Prize draws by other schools

About prize draws and competitions

You cannot run an illegal lottery or raffle on Rocketfund. However, you can run a prize draw.  

If you would like to run a prize draw or competition as part of your project, make sure you fully understand and comply with the rules that apply as you are responsible for complying with them. These include laws on gambling, advertising, privacy and other areas. Be careful not to run a draw that qualifies as a lottery or raffle.

You will need to prepare detailed terms and conditions for the prize draw and display them on your project page. The most important requirement for a prize draw is to make sure there is a free entry route (e.g. by post). You also need to make sure entry is limited to residents of Great Britain.

For more help, please see our help centre.

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to run a prize draw on Rocketfund and we don't charge any commission. Projects that successfully hit their target will be charged transaction fees of 1.9% + 23p + VAT on UK/EU cards / 3.25% + 25p + VAT on non-EEA cards by our payment processor.

Can I claim gift aid on tickets sold?

Payments for prize draw tickets are not are not eligible for the Gift Aid. But you can claim Gift Aid on pure donations. It is your responsibility (and not ours) to ensure that each Pledge meets the qualifying criteria for Gift Aid in accordance with HMRC guidance and that you only seek to claim Gift Aid on such Pledges. Check HMRC's guidance around Gift Aid for more info:

How do I pick a winner?

It is up to you how you pick a winner. The important thing is to make sure it is random and fair (including for those who entered via the free route).  It is a good idea to specify in your project's terms and conditions how the winner will be chosen. 

You will be able to see the details of everyone who has bought tickets via your project's admin panel, so you can use this data (along with the details of anyone who entered by post) and then come up with a random process of selecting the winners. For example, you could use a random number generator or put the names in a bowl and pick the winners in the traditional way. Totally up to you!

For more info

You can get more guidance on how to make sure your prize draw or competition complies with relevant rules from the following sources. You may also want to seek legal advice as the requirements are complex:
- There is guidance on prize competitions and other relevant information and guidance on the UK Gambling Commission’s website.  
- You will also need to comply with the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing.  
- You can find out more about your obligations relating to privacy on the ICO website.  
This information should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied on as such. In providing the information Rocketfund is not taking on any responsibility as a promoter, under the CAP Code or otherwise.

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