Multiply your Rocketfund project

Multiply your Crowdfunder

Enable others to fundraise for you

Introducing Multiplier, a new feature now available on Rocketfund, which enables you to raise even more money for your school.

It allows your supporters to fundraise on your behalf, sending the money directly to you. 

Anyone can join in: Friends of the school, students, alumni, family members, other staff or people in your community. 

All it involves is each new supporter creating their own project that is directly linked to your main project. Then everything they raise contributes to your total.

You could encourage a bit of competition between each class to raise the most? 

Or you could us it to create multiple projects that contribute towards the same fundraising objective (e.g. a quiz, prize draw and a wine tasting, that are all raising money for a new set of smart screens for the school).

Whoever it is and whatever they're doing, every project is are working towards one common goal: yours.

Turn on Multiplier and unleash the power of your crowd.

How it works

Add your idea

Add your idea to Rocketfund

Create your project on Rocketfund. Tell your story, set a target and how long you need to reach it.

Get fundraisersGet the word out

Get fundraisers

With your project live, you can reach out to your school network and allow people to raise funds towards your target. 

Get funded

Get funded

Use the power of your crowd to reach your target. Every penny raised will go into your bank account.

Fundraising for new Smartboards

The St John's CEP School Parents & Friends Association have set out to raise £15,000 in order to purchase new Smartboards for their classrooms. They're making great use of the Multiplier feature, with 14 projects currently raising funds under the main project.

They've raised over £7,500 so far across all projects, and are still going strong!

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The fundraising doesn't have to stop

Set a target

Set a target

Just like a regular Rocketfund project you can set your target duration and crowdfund toward hitting your target on that date.

Always on

Always on

Then once your fundraising period has ended, your project will switch to 'always on' so people can still fundraise for you after the initial campaign.

Ready to allow fundraisers on your Rocketfund project?

Tell your supporters

Once Multiplier is activated, your supporters can create their own multiplier projects directly from your project page. Just send them the link to your project page and get them fundraising for your project.