Branfil Primary School love their new visualisers

by Ben Gill | Feb 21, 2020 | Stories

Branfil Primary School love their new visualisers

We recently visited Branfil Primary school in Upminster to have a chat with them about their Rocket Fund project, how it went and what equipment they had been able to buy with the funds raised.

We met a lovely team of digital leaders who were able to show us around the ELMO visualisers which the school had raised funds to purchase. They showed us first hand how they would make a really big difference in learning across the school.

branfil + elmo 2

The Branfil students had a great time walking me through the various features of the ELMO visualiser and explaining to me how it made a difference in every lesson. The equipment is so simple to use that the digital leaders could very easily use it themselves and were able to explain comprehensively the features.

I had a great chat with Rocket Fund project leader and computing lead at Branfil, Anna ‘O’Toole, we talked about the whole process of crowdfunding through Rocket Fund. Having heard about the project from a neighbouring school who had had great success, Anna found it super easy to use the platform and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, she particularly liked the way that the Rocket Fund project bought the community together and had great fun reaching out to local businesses for their support.


Ms O’ Toole was thrilled at how easy it was to launch their project and raise the funds needed to buy four ELMO visualisers to use across the school.

As computing lead Anna thought that visualisers were the most needed item for the school, she said that the impact they would have on the school was immense as the current projects were out of date and there were only a few to share between the whole school. Raising funds through Rocket Fund meant that soon they would have an ELMO visualiser in each class!

If Anna’s story has inspired you to create a project, head over to our create page now and get going!

If you would like to find out more about ELMO visualisers and their many uses in the classroom visit their website here.

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