Crowdfunding for schools is just bake sales for the 21st century.

by Ben Gill | Feb 21, 2020 | News

Crowdfunding for schools is just bake sales for the 21st century.

We’re making it easier for schools to fundraise. Here’s why we think crowdfunding for schools is a good thing.

Schools of all kinds have been fundraising for decades. We’ve all paid 50p for a slice of flapjack, £5 for a tea towel and £2 to throw a soggy sponge at a teacher.

A typical bake sale selection. Image via Oakham PTA

While these efforts may be comfortable and fun, they aren’t the most efficient way of raising funds. With school staff time at a premium and the educational inequality gap widening, we think it’s time school fundraising was modernised.

Schools should still host a summer fair or arrange supper safaris if they want to – they are often the highlights of the school’s social calendar (and we all have fond memories of fancy dress days!). Crowdfunding can be used as a tool to compliment a school’s offline efforts, alongside the fun runs and bake sales for example (as shown by this recent project), by enabling people to donate from wherever they are. Crowdfunding can help to promote school events, attract a larger community of support and enable donations from individuals who can’t be there in person.

Crowdfunding for schools enables anyone to donate, anytime and from anywhere.

Crowdfunding connects schools to a wider community, taking the financial pressure away from their immediate community. It enables donations from those who wouldn’t usually be asked, but would love to support their old school, their local school or education in general.

Businesses often find out about projects on social media and make donations just like they did for Oakham school. Image via Oakham PTA twitter.

State schools miss out on £100m per year in donations from their alumni alone

On average private schools raise £667,000 per year, whilst their state school counterparts lag behind: the most engaged state school PTA’s raise an average £8,000 a year and spend 270 hours a year doing so.

Future First’s research found that state schools miss out on £100m untapped cash from their alumni every year. Using crowdfunding to reach alumni members could double the amount raised by PTAs at the moment. Think of all the extra resources and experiences that would enable students to access. It would be transformative.

This is one of the issues our platform aims to fix.

We’ve seen donations on Rocket Fund come from TV celebrities, businesses and alumni. Donations flying in from as far afield as America and Australia, as well as from local communities, who often find out about campaigns through social media, local newspapers or email updates.

You need to sell a lot of flapjack to raise £8,000

Through Rocket Fund you can donate at the click of a button. We’ve seen donations range from £1 to £5000, with individual projects raising up to £8,200 (see the project below!). 

Bullers Wood school raised £8,253 from 287 donors, take a look at their project here.

School fundraising isn’t going away

Whether it’s raising money to go on trips to the theatre, buy new musical instruments or try the latest technology, schools will always want to fundraise. As demonstrated by fee-paying schools.

This is because schools will always strive to give their children the best they can. We should all support them to do so.

If you have anything to add to the conversation, we would love to hear from you. Please either comment below or get in touch!

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