School fundraising ideas during COVID-19

by Ben Gill | Oct 28, 2020 | Advice

School fundraising ideas during COVID-19

Coronavirus has made traditional school fundraising practically impossible in its previous form, due to the ongoing social distancing restrictions.

However, although we’re not allowed to hold physical events, schools can still fundraise safely (and have fun!) by raising money online.

Here are a list of ways you could use Rocketfund to fundraise safely during coronavirus.

Hopefully this will create a useful reference and inspiration for anyone looking to fundraise for their school during the pandemic.

If you’re feeling inspired, just start creating a project on Rocketfund here. We’ll be with you all the way.

Online School Quiz

This is a super easy and fun activity for the parents / students / whole community to get involved with.

It’s simple:

  1. Pick a date,
  2. Setup a Zoom / Google Meet / Microsoft Teams / online meeting of your choice
  3. Create a fundraising page on Rocketfund, with the rewards as tickets for your quiz (maybe offer something extra for larger donations?)
  4. Create the questions (or find them online!)
  5. Have fun!

You could even get the students involved with creating the questions and/or hosting the quiz if you want to.

Online School Prize Draw (aka “Raffle”)

This is another super easy and fun thing to do with your school. Instead of selling paper tickets to your prize draw, you can do it online via Rocketfund!

The basic rules are this: Each separate donation an entrant makes will count as one ‘entry’ into the draw. Entrants can increase their chances of winning by donating multiple times, therefore giving them multiple entries into the same draw. A winner is chosen from all pledgers when the draw closes!

Here’s how:

  1. Find some prizes to raffle off (make them as special/exclusive as you can)
  2. Set up your project on Rocketfund, setting a reward as one entry
  3. Go live! Send it to everyone you know and get them pledging to enter the draw
  4. Pick a winner (or winners) – notify them that they’ve won and arrange a safe way to hand it over

For some inspiration, checkout this prize draw that was run on Crowdfunder (our sister site) for an Arctic Monkey’s guitar!

Online School Panto / nativity play

Keep the festive spirit alive this Christmas by doing your school panto / nativity online. Rocketfund & Blue Peter legend Peter Duncan have teamed up to encourage schools to put on their Christmas panto, play or nativity online this year. If you don’t want to put on your own play this Christmas, then you can simply raise money to watch Peter’s Jack & the Beanstalk online in your school.

Learn how to put on your own panto online here.

Online School Bake Sale

Instead of collecting money for cakes offline, why not setup a fundraising page on Rocketfund and set the rewards as cakes?!

You could charge £1 for a flapjack, £2 cupcake, £3 a slice, £30 for an entire cake etc. Get your bakers lined up beforehand and make a plan for what they will make, so you know what you can offer as rewards. Then collect orders by selling the cakes in advance via your Rocketfund page. Cakes could then be collected when parents pick up their children from school (or send home via the kids – if you trust them with cake?!)

You could even setup a regular cake day or cake subscription service for local people working from home? (Please let me know if you do!)

School Fancy Dress Day / Competition

Fancy dress days are still allowed in most places at the time of writing. If you’re currently in a lockdown or not allowed to go to school, why not try holding a virtual fancy dress day?!

Children can attend school / their online lessons in fancy dress. You can collect donations for the privilege via your Rocketfund fundraising page. You could even use some of the proceeds to buy a prize for the winner?

We’ve held some fancy dress days in the office recently and it was loads of fun. It’s a great way to distract ourselves from the ongoing negative news and bring some much needed silliness to our week. Why not give it a try?

School Christmas Fair

So traditional School Christmas fairs may not be possible this year, but you could still hold these online too. Simply create a Rocketfund fundraising page and sell the gifts / items you’d normally sell at the fair as rewards on your fundraising page. This is just like the bake sale above, but setting the rewards as Christmas gifts / trinkets / cards – anything you would normally sell.

This is a great way to enable everyone in your school community to attend the Christmas Fair (albeit virtually) and you might find people donate more as they’re able to pay online.

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We hope this has inspired you with lots of online school fundraising ideas that you can still do during a Coronavirus lockdown. Let us know how you get on and add any other ideas in the comments below!

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